A Birmingham Walk and Cycle route



You can now ride and walk all off road from ley hill park ( Bartley Green) to Bournville park (Cadbury factory). All this through some of Birmingham’s best parks and through the world renowned Bournville estate.


The Meadowbrook  rec link is now complete. (November 14)

Come and enjoy the lovely signposted tarmac route from Cadbury World to Bartley Green (Ley Hill park). Your route in and out of Bournville and the countryside.

The Bristol road / Cob lane link is now complete (August 14) as is the wonderful Manor Park link!

IMG_0420 (2)

picture courtesy of Roy Watson  http://www.birminghamcyclinggreenways.co.uk/

Meadowbrook Rec and Manor Farm  Park pathways will be complete soon in November 2014

80214 P01 Manor Farm Great Meadow Presentation Plan(1) (1)


 If you wish to know more,want to share your views  or wish to know the current status please e mail : gra1952@live.co.uk


A crossing at Shenly Lane was built in 2012 and the Green Way will be complete by 2014.

This blog is about the Merritts Brook Green Way, a new and exciting proposal for an off road route to link together some of Birmingham’s most picturesque parks, from the Worcestershire countryside,  to the Rea Valley Way (Cycle Route 5). The route covers the area around  the Cadbury factory at Bournville, goes through the Bournville Village estate before emergingto follow along the course of  Merritts Brook. The route  then follows up towards Frankley Beeches, (a magnificent viewing point ) or Bartley Reservoirs depending on your chosen route.

There is an interesting newspaper article on the path just click on the link http://www.birminghammail.net/what-is-on-in-birmingham/birmingham-days-out/2010/08/13/a-walk-in-the-park-green-pathway-to-success-or-failure-97319-27057421/

Your views are most welcome and if you wish the project to suceed it needs your support.